POLISH PHRASEBOOK - With two way dictionary
Krzysztof Dydynski Wydawnictwo: Lonely Planet, 2005 Strony / Pages: 286, soft cover ISBN: 0-86442-588-0
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Follow the travelling sun god Dazbóg as he rides across the sky on a diamond studded beer keg. Follow his lead; he starts the day as a newborn, touring architecturally rich miasta, rolling woodlands & mountain peaks eager to experience the possibilities of a new culture & language. He ends the day older and wiser, with the insights that come with learning a new language. You may need the kick of the famed 'bison vodka' zubrówka to help you along the way. With this book you'll know how to ask for one!

clear pronunciation guide to make sure you'll be understood

a range of useful conversation topics

comprehensive phrases to help explore local food & drink including vodkas, wines and beers

essentials to get you out on the town, including arts, music & festivals

accommodation tips to find you a pokój or pensonjat